Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picture catchup post!

Ok! So as you all know I have not blogged in a long time. Funny how your time goes else where with 2! But I have missed it terribly! I have still kept up in reading the blogs that I love but I haven't blogged on my own. So here goes. I'm not even going to try and catch up. We are WAY to busy to even think about doing that. I'd be here for days. So I'm just going to go through my pictures and make a couple of posts of the ones I think you should see!
Logan is now mobile! I was in the laundry room one afternoon and came out to find him here and screaming! He is rolling all over the place and is trying to crawl. He gets his legs underneath him and lunges forward! I'm gonna try to get him on video next week.

Floor time!

He's more than likely screaming at me here since he's on his belly! The last 2 weeks he's gotten better on his belly since he is more mobile and can quickly roll over.

There's a smile!
Sweet Ady Jane!

Love her!

First time eating cereal!

Blurry because he is constantly moving!

Do I like this stuff?! Yes! He loves cereal!

Spending some time outside!

Playing in the pool!

Such a pretty girl!

She helped put our flags out for Flag Day!

Sister feeding Bear! She's not quite quick enough for him!

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  1. They are growing so fast!! Super cute! I really love the last picture of her feeding him - so sweet!