Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary Mike and Barb!

May 28th we celebrated an anniversary for such a special couple! Mike and Barb Blubaugh are dear family friends and they are 2 great people with an amazing family! The kids threw them a surprise party out at Sokol Hall. They thought they were going to a pre-harvest party! It was a great time with spent with great people!

Aunt Jessi got in some Logan time!

2 of my very favorite people! We have had TONS of people tell us that Logan looks just like Jessi!

The sweet couple! They had a live band playing.


Reese Joe!

Aimee and Nana helping Levi and Ady dance!

Aimee with Levi and Ady.

These 2 danced the night away at Justin and LaTisha's wedding. They were at it again this night!

:) I think this might have been right after Ady asked Nana if they were too close!

Chris and Mom and Ady and Levi!

Aimee and her Daddy!!

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