Friday, July 8, 2011

Ady's first dentist appt!

Yesterday Ady and I both had dentist appointments. This was Ady's first time to actually get her teeth cleaned. Last year she sat on my lap and Dr. Small counted and just checked them out. This year she got the whole shibang!! She did AMAZING!!! I was so proud of her!

Wearing her cool sunglasses!

The dentist did say that she may need braces in a few years because her teeth are close together and there won't be any room for her permanent ones to come in. GREAT!

Our hygienist was very good. She took every tool she would use and showed Ady and even did it on her hand to show her it wouldn't hurt. I think that was the key! Ady wasn't afraid to have those go in her mouth since she knew exactly what they did.

Pretty girl with a pretty smile!!!

Other than the spacing issues Dr. said her teeth look great!!!!


  1. The spacing issue was my big problem too. Its the worst when my wisdom teeth came in.