Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

I haven't blogged in a few weeks because my computer cord decided to crap out on me! I finally got the 'correct' one in the mail today!! YAY! So here I am!

My birthday was Friday, July 15th. For dinner we went to Caldwell and ate at The Red Barn with my mom, Chris, Bubba, Nessa, and Jax. Saturday morning we had a memorial service for my step mom's mom (Earlene) (another post). After the service we headed back to Earlene's house for a HUGE dinner. My dad and Kim will make this home their new home shortly. It has an indoor swimming pool. We didn't take the kids with us to the memorial because it was graveside and super hot. After the house cleared out we went and got the kids (Thanks Aunt T for watching them!) so they could swim. Grandma H always wanted a house full of people and her pool full!

This post has alot of pictures. I was busy doing other stuff around the house and with the kids when I realized that I had put all the pictures from that weekend on here! Oops! Oh well! Enjoy! I'll just leave it to the pictures to explain our days!

Reese floating away!

Ryan helping Reese out!

Jax wanting the camera!
Ady Jane being goofy!
Logan Bear watching everyone!
Ady and Mike swimming around
Aunt Jessi and L! This kid LOVES the water. He is definitely a water baby!
Reese braved it up to go down the slide!
Now it's Ady's turn!!
L and Aunt Jessi swimming some more!
2 of my favorite people!! We get told quite a bit that Logan looks like Jessi!

I'm sure this was in the middle of a fight!

Probably another of my favorite pictures! Who doesn't love a baby's butt!
Grandma Kim swimming with Reese and Ady

Hanging out with Papa Chris!


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