Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My 2 loves!!!

Our days have been filled with lots of playing inside since it's been so hot! Our pool has some issues and to be honest it would be more work than fun to be in there with 2 little ones that can't swim! Somehow our days always get filled and they seem to fly by!

This picture cracks me up! Logan has his own paparazzi!

Ady wanted to take some pictures with Logan one morning. She was willing to pose so I got my camera and started snapping away! He's getting so big!
Love these 2! They make me so happy!

This is probably my favorite picture of Logan to date!

This is how I find him after naps. All smiles!! Actually when I go in to get him he is on the other end of his crib and playing with his music machine! Thanks Gma Jane!

Such a happy boy!

Sweet Sweet Ady Jane!

He loves to spend time in his walker and jumperoo.

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