Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our week...

Our weeks are usually pretty low key. Here are some pictures to show you some of the things I caught on camera! Most are with my iPhone.
On Tuesdays Ady has gymnastics. She LOVES it! And she does awesome. Not that I'm biased but honestly everytime she goes she improves so much! Her coach told me last week that she did not think she needed to be in the 3-4 year old class when the semester starts. She wants her in the beginner class (5-6 years old). Which is what the majority of the girls in her summer class will be in. This picture isn't very good it was taken with my phone and through a window!

Saturday Jessi and I had a garage sale at Jessi's. Ady and Reese kept coming out and playing with the toys that we were trying to sell. Reese loves to wear hats. He kept getting in the hat box and trying them all out! Here Reese and Ady are pretending like they are watching a movie! Oh the imagination of a 2 and 3 year old!

One afternoon Ady wanted to play games. Hungry Hungry Hippos was her choice! (by the way, I think she learned to play games with her Bubba. She will cheat and can not stand to lose. We play until she wins). Logan scooted over to join us!
This is why we find things to do inside!

Logan has started to hold his bottle.

I had to go for a check up today (everything is fine). I put Logan back in his car seat to play with a toy. Within 5 seconds he got himself like this. This is why he has to be buckled into EVERYTHING! This is also the last time I am carrying him in this. He's just way to heavy!
This is Logan's playboy pose! He did this while I was getting in his drawer for a onesie after I changed his diaper.
Ady asks me all the time if Logan can lay in bedroom and play. I take this opportunity to get something done! I think I was washing bottles and Ady comes into the kitchen and tells me Logan is under her bed! He sure enough was!
Logan has what is called a Wabanub. It is a little stuffed bear with a pacifier on it. The pacifier is huge. He doesn't suck on it. He chews on it though!
One evening Mike and Logan decided to take a little nap!
One of Logan's favorite pastime! Jumping!
And Ady is really into puzzles lately! She actually did the majority of this one all by herself!!

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