Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 5 Months Logan!

Logan Bear! You are 5 months old already! You are such a fun baby! Everyday you get more and more personality and we love it! You are so happy and we get compliments all the time! I can't believe how fast the time is going. I knew it would be fast because it was with Ady but with 2 I think it goes double time!! You are loved by so many and I know that you feel that! We thank God everyday for allowing us to raise you and your big sister Ady. We are so blessed to have you 2! We love you so much and will always.
Love you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy!

You have got the funniest expressions! I think you had about had it here!
You LOVE your big sister! When you wake up from a nap I get you out of your crib and you immediately look down, looking for sister!

I am going to have my hands full with you 2!

I love catching moments like these! You guys crack me up!

My sweet sweet babies!

Logan is baling!
Sister is always helping!
My reason for getting up in the morning! And that happens to be 7am everyday! Logan does not sleep past 7!

What you are up to:
  • You eat every 3-4 hours at night and 2-3 hours during the day.
  • We are now giving you 4 oz of formula. We couldn't give you more than 3 or you would spit it all right back up
  • You are in size 2 diapers in Huggies but I had some Target size 3's that were given to us and I put one on you to see how they fit and they fit!
  • You are in 3-6 months clothes.
  • You are teething so everything goes into your mouth!
  • You are now mobile. I wouldn't really call in crawling but you will get from room to room! You pull your legs up and launch forward!
  • Aunt Jessi caught you trying to pull yourself up onto her couch!
  • You are very curious and into everything!!!
  • You are sitting up unsupported and on your own.
  • You have started to sit up in your bath tub.
  • You love cereal. Really you just love to eat.
  • The only time you cry is when you are hungry. And it's like a switch! We can not make that bottle fast enough!
  • You fight sleep really bad.
  • You love to swim and be in water in general. Definitely a water baby!
  • You are no longer in your carrier :(. You got way to heavy to carry in that thing. You are now in Ady's seat and Ady is in a new booster.
  • You have taken a liking to Max! Anytime you see him walk by you laugh and if he's laying in the floor in the same room as you you will crawl over and love on him!
  • You do not like to be held for very long. You will wiggle and wiggle because you want on the floor to crawl around!

I love love love this smile!!!
Pictures are getting harder and harder to take! You want the camera and are such a wiggle worm!

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