Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Fest 2011

Last Friday was Medford's annual Fun Fest. It started off with free swimming and diving contests then free putt-putt. Well it was way to hot to take a 3 year old and a 4 month out in all that. The turtle races were at 6. Mike called Friday morning to tell us that he had found a turtle and wanted to know if Ady wanted him to bring it home. He had to ask because Ady has a deathly fear of the little critters! She will scream bloody murder if you bring one near here. I talked her into letting him bring it for the races. Well it ended up being let go but at 6 pm it was still WAY to hot to drag out these 2. We decided it was for the best and didn't even go up town for the races. They had a sand dig that started 8 or right after the turtle races. We got there towards the end of the races. It was still a little warm but with it being downtown the sun was low enough the buildings created shade and it was tolerable.

We got a piece of yummy watermelon when we got there!
Ady digging in the sand for money. She was way to calm and nicely moved the sand over looking for coins. I think she came out of there with 25 cents! I told her next year she has to be alot more aggressive!
Ady and Gunnar. I think they had more fun playing in the sand then looking for money!
Logan Bear and Dad!

Ady and Nana did the cake walk!
And again! I'm not sure how many times they walked but never got anything. They were so close a few times!

There wasn't really a whole lot to do! We went and got sno cones and talked to some people then Ady was ready to head home. I guess it was something to do in this little ol town!!

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