Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iphone Pics

These are pictures that have been taken with my phone over the last few weeks.

Logan all wrapped up in a blanket. He did this himself!
Little Miss Ady Patty!!
Handsome Reese Joe! I love this little guy so much!
This is what a hard workout at gymnastics does to a girl! Woody had to come along!
This picture was taken by Ady! She plays games on my phone all the time. Well apparently she has been doing a little more that playing games. I deleted almost 100, yes 100, pictures from my photo album that she had taken!!
This was also taken by Ady. She figured out how to turn the camera around too! This picture cracks me up with her silly cheese! I just had to keep it!
Logan Bear is sitting up all by himself!
He's a little proud of himself!
Kim, Jessi, Ady, Reese, and I went to Old Navy one afternoon. Ady and Reese just had to hold hands! Notice Ady is pretty much dragging Reese!
Reese got a Mater ring pop!
Another picture taken by Ady. We were on our way home from Enid one afternoon and again she was 'playing games' on my phone! She did get a pretty sweet picture!
Ady made Mike and Logan pose for her! Do you think I take alot of pictures of them! She's been quite bossy with the camera lately!

Logan is on the move and everywhere! He will go into the bathroom if her hears us in there or into the kitchen if that's where we are. He's hit his head a couple of times on the tile and I don't have a gate to go into this doorway (it's wider than most doors). So I made a makeshift gate with one of the chairs from the dining room. He crawled right back over and went through this chair like he'd done it a million times! Never thought twice about it! Well that was a fail!! I really don't know why I'm suprised. Ady did the same exact thing!

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