Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Will it ever slow down?

I do not have enough hours in the day. School work is taking up so much of my time! It will be well worth it when it's all over I just have to get past this part. I've come to realize that updating the blog will not be happening as much as I would like it. It's just not on the top of my priority list.
Logan is changing so much. He's crawling everywhere and even climbing onto things! He has stood by himself a few times but only for a few seconds. I can't even count how many times the words "Where is Logan" are said each day! He is very quick and will go from room to room exploring!

Quite often you can find him here! Standing up in front of the tv watching it or trying to grab something!

Can I help you!

I believe this is the most handsome smile ever!

The best big sister around!
Ady has started back to gymnastics and was so excited! She couldn't wait! She has been put in the class with 5-7 year olds! Over the summer they couldn't believe how much she picked up and how advanced she was for her age! You can tell by the look on her face when she's out there how much fun she's having!
Logan taking his first Cozy Coupe ride!

Logan is teething. Gerber has some toddler cookies that are alot like the teething biscuits that I gave Ady when she was teething. They are just as messy too! They are banana flavor and both Ady and Logan like them so I think they were a hit!

This girl has my heart!

And Logan has found Ady's snack shelf!
You've been caught!

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