Friday, March 5, 2010


At least once a day Adylyn will say something to either Mike or I that we laugh hysterically at! I really am kicking myself for not writing these things down! So I decided to write it on here where everyone else can get a laugh too! We like to call them "Adyism's" Yesterday she was ignoring me and I said "Adylyn Jane" and she answers back "My name is Ady"!!!!! Well, that is what we call her! But we named her Adylyn for a reason didn't we!? We love that name!! So I explained to her that my name is Jennifer but she calls me Mom, just like her name is Adylyn but we call her Ady! Hope that got through! She is also into this thing where she will just up and yell at her Dad. BUT she will yell "MIKE"!! and she doesn't need anything either, just feels the need to grab his attention! Her Unlce Ryan is also teaching her lots of new things!!! He's taught her to beat box, and to also yell out "boomshakalaka"! With her and Reese around we don't need television! They are very entertaining!

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