Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A day on the farm!

Saturday we went and spent the afternoon with Grandpa George. We haven't seen him in a few weeks so we decided to head on over. Plus we have a new colt!!! Grandpa George has had some health problems but recently has received a miracle only God is responsible for. He experienced a stroke and was having some side effects from it. After many tests and dr.'s visits weeks later they have come to the conclusion that there is no evidence of ever having a stroke! He has more energy, more color and feeling in his legs, and no more headaches. I cannot thank God enough for this miracle! My Grandpa means so much to me. He was such an important part of my life growing up and has taught me so much. It broke my heart to think that Adylyn wouldn't get to know him like I do. I can't put into words my love for this man. He is an AWESOME grandpa and an even better Great-Grandpa! Adylyn adores him. When we got to his house she got out of the car and ran over to him and jumped in his arms! They both lit up like lighthouses!! My heart smiled!!! There is quite a few pictures but I love them all and it just shows how great he is with Ady and Reese!
Grandpa George with his 2 Great-Grand Kids (It was pretty hard to get Ady and Reese to smile at the same time)! This picture makes my heart smile!!!
Take 3!

Reese sat with Grandpa George for a long time! Just hanging out!
Jessi and Reese in the chicken coop!

Ady gathering eggs with grandpa. She LOVED this!
Grandpa's helper!
Already has her farm chores down!
This is the newest addition, Dan!

Ady hanging out on one of the Mules grandpa rescued.
Reese wanted no part of sitting on this thing!
Dan, he's only about 2 months old!
Grandpa is loving Ady wanting to ride the horses and even the mules!
Daphne (Momma) and Dan (her colt)

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