Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Eye Appt!

Adylyn has her very first eye appointment Thursday morning. I talked to her on the way there about what they were going to do. She did SOOOO good! I was impressed. She got right up to the machine and put her chin on the strap and looked in it with no reservations! Dr. Diehl told me that around the age 4 is when childrens eye motion and coordination is fully developed. Adylyn's is fully developed! He was flashing pictures on the wall and she was telling him what the pictures where. There were some pictures that were 20/20 and she told him what it was! I was sitting in the same chair with her and I couldn't even tell with my glasses on!

So that's one thing to check off the worry list. Honestly, I knew her eyesight was very good. She will spot birds and airplanes while we are driving and I have to search for them! I just really wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong developmentally. I'd rather catch it early and get it fixed rather than wait until it's too late.

She told Dr. Diehl she was done and wanted a sucker!! They didn't have suckers so they gave her a doughnut from their breakfast!

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