Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is it Spring Yet!

Well Spring is officially here! Well on the calendar anyways! We got snow Saturday morning but not alot. We didn't even get to play in it because Saturday it was way to windy and by the time we took our nap after church it was already melted!! Oh well! For Valentine's Day Nana got Ady some flowers for her to plant. Mike is going to start a small garden out back so Friday Dad and Ady planted her flowers and Mike started his tomatoes and peppers inside. She loved getting to do this and I think she's really going to enjoy getting to water and take care of her flowers and the garden. She loves to have a 'Chore' to do! I let her load the bottom rack of the dishwasher all the time and she'll even fold a whole basket of towels by herself!! She's just a great helper. Here are some pictures from her and Dad planting their stuff!

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