Monday, March 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend with the Royal's. We didn't get that much snow so they were able to come up Saturday afternoon. We absolutely LOVE March Madness in our house! Adylyn has even caught the fever!!! She filled out her own bracket (not doing so well..she had Villanova winning!). You'll catch her in front of the t.v yelling. So Jessi and Ryan came up to watch some basketball and hang out for a while. We had supper on the table and were fixing to dig in at the end of the Kansas game. Needless to say it got a little loud!! Almost everybody in our pool has Kansas at least in the finals if not winning it all! It's been a GREAT March Madness. Couldn't ask for better ballgames. Well, except if my teams I picked could win! Ha Ha! After the ballgames we were still wired and bored so we got out Adylyn's Little Tikes basketball goal and played Horse! This was entertaining. I'm so glad that there wasn't a video camera near. Especially since I had to go after Ryan. He always does crazy things that he knows I'm not coordinated enough to do! But I try!!!! We roasted marshmellows in the fireplace and made smores also! We love to do that! There's gonna be quite a few pics but we just had a GREAT time together!
Reese on the phone!

My favorite little man!

Adylyn and Dad wrestling. She always wants to wrestle in the evenings!

Eating Marshmallow's. Reese LOVES them! He sticks the WHOLE thing in his mouth!

Jessi roasting Marshmallows! Reese is grabbing for one and it's still on fire(he wasn't burned)!!!

Coloring! I think Mike and Ryan enjoyed this just as much as Ady did! Reese just tries to eat them!!
These are the pics of my trying to make a shot by running up to the goal and going through my leg to shoot it! Yes I ran into the door! Thanks Ryan!!! ;)

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