Saturday, March 27, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

Adylyn's flowers are coming up! Checking out her new flowers that have popped up! She was excited!
I posted a blog about Ady and Mike planting her flowers that Nana got her for Valentine's Day. I believe it was last Friday. These are some of her flowers. Mike's tomatoes and peppers still aren't coming up yet but Ady's flowers sure are! This is just making us more antsy to get outside and do more!! She loves getting to water them and she get's up in the chair a few times a day and looks at them! She's the one who noticed her sprouts. She was up in the chair and said "Mom these are my flowers" I then told her that we had to wait for them and they wouldn't be up just yet. Well I was wrong! I can't wait til they are fully bloomed. I'll have a picture with Ady and her masterpieces!!

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