Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our weekend in a nut shell!

We had a great weekend! Dad could be leaving for Connecticut this weekend so we are trying to spend our time together. We didn't do anything on Friday. Just stayed at home and played Mario! Saturday we had Becky and Brinley's baby shower. We have prayed for this little girl for quite a while. We can't wait to see her! Since Greg and I were raised so close together and there are only 3 1/2 years between us he's more like my big brother. So this sweet baby on the way feels like I'm getting a niece and not a cousin! Greg and Becky are going to be amazing parents and this little girl is going to have so much love! She'll also be one tough little girl!!! I've had the talk with Adylyn about Baby Brinley, she asks to see her all the time!While us girls went to the shower Mike went to Chickasha to watch Nate pitch. Nate got another win! After the shower Saturday I went and got the material at Hobby Lobby for my Grandma Mary to make Adylyn's Easter dress. She has made all us girls in the family our Easter dresses since we were little. Well, all us cousins are all older now. Last year I asked my Grandma if she would like to start making Adylyn's Easter dresses like she did for us. She was thrilled!!! I think she missed doing that!!! I can't wait to see it finished. The material I got it so cute and cheap! When Uncle Ryan got off work we went and ate at Chili's then went bowling. Adylyn LOVES to bowl! We always have a good time when we go. I even bowled a 114 the 2nd game. Which is really good for me! The time change has been hard on me. I've been over-sleeping! Sunday school came really early! Sunday after church Bubba and Vanessa came over and we played some Mario while waiting for Jessi and Ryan to get to town. Playing Mario with 3 people was quite comical, mainly because I'm not too good and Bubba is quite animated! The boys, Mike, Cody, and Ryan, went golfing and us girls stayed at home. We cooked out steaks and veggies on the grill with Nana and Chris before Bubba had to leave for work again. We had a wonderful weekend with the family spending some time together. We all cannot wait until summer gets here so we can grill out and jump in the pool! Speaking of which, that will be an interesting story when we go to open the pool up for our first time!!! I'll leave you with some pictures from the baby shower!

The cake was made by Keri Benningfield here in Medford. She does AWESOME work! And it tasted so good and was very moist!

Adylyn and her cheesyness!

Reese Joe! His hair looks so red!

Becky with an OSU frame! We'll see if Greg lets this go up!

Adylyn and Jordan

Becky, Jessi, and I.

Reese playing with a bathtub!

Becky and her hostesses!

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  1. OMG...I lover her name and the cake! And Becky looks great!